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Chubbsafes Duoguard GII


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-Landmark: Behind Dominos Botanic  BMW and Mini Cooper showroom Bukit Tinggi ,nearby GM Klang and Aeon Bukit Tinggi 

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(2) Cawangan Kuala Lumpur Setapak

-Address: E-1-1 Pusat Komersial Starparc Point, Taman Ibu Kota Setapak Off Jalan Genting Klang 53330 KL

-Landmark: Opposite Setapak Sentral Behind Public Bank Taman Danau Kota & Cendol Durian Runtuh Nerby JPJ Wangsa Maju Behind Alliance Bank , Carsome

-Phone (Sales Department): 012-544 9298 / 03-4141 7521

-Phone (General Line / Enquiry): 012-369 4144/ 010 4646 785

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• Burglary protection in accordance to the highest certified resistance levels, available in Grade II T2, certified by ECB•S in accordance with the stringent European standard, EN 1143-1 T2. DuoGuard hereby complies and is certified with the world’s strictest requirements for quality and burglary resistance.
• EN 1143-1:2019 is the latest version of this globally respected burglary resistant standard. The new T2 classification includes tests with the more powerful and effective versions of the tools available to burglars today: Power tools, grinders, cutters and thermal tools have upgraded performance over earlier models. DuoGuard T2 models provide protection against current and foreseeable future threats.
• Approved by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in accordance with fire resistance class NT Fire 017 – 90 paper and SP’s certification rules for fire resisting storage cabinets, SPCR 002.
• Torch-resistant barrier material – Dualite – ensures burglary and fire protection whilst also reducing its total weight and minimising transportation and installation costs.
• The three-way boltwork is made from solid steel bolts.
• Fitted with an active relocker and anti-drilling plates incorporated into the boltwork to withstand burglary attempts.
• A Class A mechanical key lock or a Class B high-security electronic lock, approved in accordance with EN 1300, are both available as primary lock options.
• Ergonomic soft-touch handle and a range of internal fittings to maximise storage capacity.

1. Model 115 to 205 comes standard with two pieces of adjustable
shelf and three pieces for model 290.
2. Extendable shelf 3. Lockable drawer
4. Lockable compartment

As the primary locking option, DuoGuard safes can be fitted with
either a high-security electronic lock (Class B) or a key lock (Class
A). Dual locking is available from model 115 and up. The primary
lock can be supplemented by a combination lock or both a key lock
and electronic lock can be fitted. All locks are independently tested
and are certified in accordance with the EN 1300 standard.
DuoGuard’s high-security electronic lock – certified Class B –
includes the following features, easily programmed by the owner:
• 1 master code, 1 supervisor code and 8 user codes.
• Time delay of up to 99 minutes between lock being operated
and door being opened.
• Opening window between 1–19 minutes.
• Equipped with time delay override.
• Optional function to raise silent alarm if lock is being opened
under duress.

DuoGuard GII has been approved in accordance with the Swedish
standard, NT Fire 017 – 90 Paper, which means the safe will
protect paper documents for 90 minutes. This certification was
awarded by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.
The safe is placed in a furnace and heated to a temperature of
almost 1000°C for 90 minutes to simulate the effects of a severe
The safe is removed from the furnace and cooled. When opened,
the inner temperature of the cabinet must not exceed 150°C.

Tested and certified by ECB·S in accordance with the the upgraded
T2 certification of the EN-1143-1 standard, incorporating new,
more advanced, and powerful tools. A range of tools typically used
in burglary attempts were used to test the DuoGuard’s level of
resistance, from basic equipment such as hammers and simple
drills, to sophisticated thermal and electrical equipment, such as
oxyacetylene torches and disc cutters


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