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S&G 2 Movement Time Lock with Standard Movements/S&G mechanical Time Lock

Sargent & Greenleaf 2 movement time lock, standard movements. Compact, sturdy case for dependable operation and the ability to fit in smaller, stand-alone safes. Manual locking button prevents accidental lockouts. Emergency inside release instantly unlocks the time lock. Clear, magnified window makes it easy to read time values. Equipped with standard movements 144 hour maximum. All time movements are precision instruments, made in Switzerland. Equipped with two movements (single redundancy). Comes with a time lock winding chart to simplify time setting.


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Sargent and Greenleaf’s time locks are precision-made with 13-jewel, Swiss mechanisms and built-in movement backup for dependability and accuracy. An included time lock winding chart and clear, magnified window make it easy to set and read time values.

S&G time locks include integrated safety features like a manual locking button and emergency inside release.

S&G 2 movement Time Lock
s&G 3 movement time Lock


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