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moem safe Titan TS400

arrier material FIRE RESISTANCE TEST Tested in accordance to JIS 1037:1989 for 30 minutes fire endurance under intense heat (maximum temperature of up to 1000C) to simulate extreme temperature in the event of fire. BURGLAR PROTECTION TEST Tested in accordance to Grade I EN 1443-1 by SP Technical Institute Research of Sweden. Test includes various attacks or intrusion methods such as oxy-acetylene attacks, high-speed drilling, sledge hammer and other impact tools. SPECIFICATIONS External Dimension : H1050mm x W710mm x D737mm Internal Dimension : H912mm x W572mm x D551mm Net Weight : 635kgs Note: **Permissible deviation is ±10% for weight. **Image for Illustration Purpose only. LOCK OPTIONS OPTION 1 – Combination Lock & Key Lock – 3 wheel keyless combination lock – 1 million combination variation OPTION 2 – Digital Lock & Key Lock Model: SecuRam SafeLogic Basic – Certified High Security Digital Lock – 6 Digit code (1 Manager Code; 1 User Code) – Penalty lockout for 5 minutes after 4 incorrect codes for Digital Lock – Low Battery Indicator – Operated by 9V battery – 9-Volt Battery – 10,000+ openings – SureLock Battery Compartment for easy battery replacement, without having to remove the EntryPad from the safe door. OPTION 3 – Fingerprint Lock & Key Lock Model: SecuRam ScanLogic Basic • UL/EN Certified High Security Safe Lock • Active RF sensor for fast authentication • 1 Manager Code; 2 User Code • 5 fingerprint per user • Penalty lockout for 5 minutes after 4 incorrect codes • Low Battery Indicator • 4,000+ openings on a 9V battery • Easy battery replacement



MOEM Titan safe is designed for medium range protection against burglary and fire for small business, financial institution and other commercial applications located in high rise building. FEATURES – 30-minute fire rating tested in accordance to JIS 1037:1989 – Burglar protection tested according to Grade I EN 1443-1 – Protective door thickness – 58mm – Overall door thickness – 112mm – Overall body thickness – 65mm – Locking bolts measure: 38mm in diameter – Fortified by specially formulated MOEM-standard MT metal-mix thermo alloy b


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