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Ideal Wall Safe


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(1) Cawangan Selangor Bandar Botanic Klang

-Address: No 3, 1st Floor Jalan Remia 4, KS/6 Bandar Botanic Klang

-Landmark: Behind Dominos Botanic  BMW and Mini Cooper showroom Bukit Tinggi ,nearby GM Klang and Aeon Bukit Tinggi 

-Phone (Sales Department): 03-3318 6548/ 012-387 9299

-Phone (General Line / Enquiry): 012-369 4144/ 010-4646 785

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(2) Cawangan Kuala Lumpur Setapak

-Address: E-1-1 Pusat Komersial Starparc Point, Taman Ibu Kota Setapak Off Jalan Genting Klang 53330 KL

-Landmark: Opposite Setapak Sentral Behind Public Bank Taman Danau Kota & Cendol Durian Runtuh Nerby JPJ Wangsa Maju Behind Alliance Bank , Carsome

-Phone (Sales Department): 012-544 9298 / 03-4141 7521

-Phone (General Line / Enquiry): 012-369 4144/ 010 4646 785

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  1. Welded steel body with 6mm door plate secured to the body by means of 2 nos of 19mm diameter solid bolts with chrome finish
  2. further protection is accorded to the rear of the door by means of concealed hinges which prevents cutting of the hinges to remove the door
  3. Finished in high quality durable paint with textured surface to provide for long lasting resistance against corrosion and other effects of the elements
  4.  Comes with 3 removable shelf for ease of storing small valuable items such as jewellery or watches etc
  5. The flange at the front of the safe provides for ease of installation and pleasant appearance when set in the wall.

Installation Guide
1. Installation should be carried out by a credible civil
contractor to ensure that the safe will perform optimally
once installed.
2. Choose the desired location, and hack the wall to the wall
opening dimensions provided in the table. The selection of
the location should take into consideration accessibility to
the safe during use.
3. Once the specified wall opening has been done, the safe
needs to be slided in from the front until the flange snugged
firmly to the wall. Next, open the safe door and mark the
position of the 4 anchor bolt holes provided inside the safe.
4. Now, slide out the safe from the wall opening and drill the
holes on the markings. Insert the drop in anchors provided
into the holes drilled and install them firmly. Please ensure
that the anchors do not protrude out from the hole surface
for more than 2mm.
5. Use the Hex Bolt provided to pre-expand the drop in
6. After this is done, reinsert the safe into the wall opening
and ensure that the bolt holes are aligned with the drop in
anchor. Screw the safe into position with the screws
7. The rear of the safe that protrudes out of the wall on the
other side can be camouflaged by means of grouting or
other means of innovative concealment as per the user’s
8. If installing on a wall that may be subjected to exposure to
water, we recommend the installer to seal all outer edges of
the safe with silicon before placing it into the cavity to
prevent any water seepage


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