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Uchida UBH 57VE Slot / Envelope Slot Safe Box Uchida 57VE / Peti Besi surau


UCHIDA UBH-57VE Fire Resistant Safe Box (Digital Lock)_57kg
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Product Specifications
Warranty 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects
Locking System Keylock + Programmable Digital Lock
Envelop Slot with Anti Fishing Mechanism YES
Accessories 1 plastic tray ; 1 adjustable plastic shelf ; 1 pair of operational keys ; 1 magnetic overriding touch key ; 1 set of floor mounting bolt
Weight 57kg / 121lbs
Fire Resistant (JIS rating) YES. (Limited due to opened envelope slot on top)
Capacity 27.5 Litres
Dimension (external) 500H x 350W x 425D mm
Dimension (internal) 381H x 236W x 306D mm
Model UBH-57VE (envelope slot)
UCHIDA Home Safe with Envelope Slot (Japan Quality Safe)
There are the most favored ones by the world’s customer out of UCHIDA’s product range as fire resistive safe for personal or home use.


Envelope slot on top of the safe for dropping cash purpose.
c/w anti-fishing mechanism to prevent outsiders from ”fishing” the money out from the box.
Fire proof (limited due to opened envelope slot)
Keylock + Programmable Digital Lock
Suitable for donation purpose, retail, masjid, temple, charity etc..


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