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lion Fire resistance Filing cabinet

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Weight(grams): 34000

Model: RP4 , RP3 , RP2

Fire Resistance: 1 Hour (tested & proven according to JIS Japan Standard)

Locking System: Secured by One 3-wheel mechanical combination lock & 4 keylock (INDIVIDUAL Locking)

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

LION Fire Resistant Cabinets

LION Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets have built-in, long lasting reliability and are specially designed to withstand temperatures up to 900°C for ONE hour. They are also built to withstand considerable impact in the event of the cabinet crashing through the floor in the course of a fire.

Special Features:
1. The Fire Resistant Cabinets are of tongue and groove construction which not only acts as a heat seal between the drawer and body but a vapour barrier as well.
2. Each drawer is isolated from the other by an insulated bulkhead. This means that should one drawer be left open by mistake, the others will remain intact during a fire.
3. The drawers are mounted on heavy duty suspensions slides capacble of taking a weight of up to 50kgs.
4. The Fire Resistant Cabinet is rigidly constructed to withstand the severe impact of a fall. For this reason a special plinth is fitted deliberately.




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